The "Hōjusan Risshaku-ji Temple," also known as "Yamadera". The entire mountain, consisting of strangely shaped rocks and boulders, has become a place for religious training and worship.
It is said that by going up the stone stairs, your worries disappear and your toxic relationship is removed while good one is formed. You can also enjoy local gourmet specialties such as "Yamadera Konjac" and "Cherry Soft Serve Ice Cream."

Recommended route
for tourists to follow


Yamagata Station number 2 bus stop (Bus D56 bound for Yamadera)
Arrival at Yamadera Station bus stop


This is the entrance of Yamadera. You will start climbing the 1,015 stone stairs from here.

Temple main gate

This is the temple main gate, said to have been built over 600 years ago. There are still about 800 steps left to reach the top.


This is an observatory where you can see the great views of the entire Yamadera area. Please enjoy beautiful scenery in every season.

Yamadera-yaki Nagase Pottery Studio

Nagase Pottery Studio is a popular place to try your hand at "Yamadera-yaki" pottery making. This studio is located on the way to Nenbutsudo from the trailhead. Here, you can create your own pottery works and unique potteries are also available for sale. More details


Enjoy authentic Yamagata soba noodles and carefully selected Tohoku religion ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere and have a happy moment! More details

Fumotoya Honten

This is a representative souvenir shop of Yamadera with a collection of Yamadera's specialties, including cherry soft serve ice cream. Why not visit here to conclude your trip? More details

Yamadera Station bus stop (Bus C4 bound for Yamako Building)
Arrival at Yamako Building.

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Yamadera-yaki Nagase Pottery Studio

This pottery studio is located on the way to Nenbutsudo from the trailhead. Using unique techniques and kilns, they have created the world of Yamadera-yaki pottery. They offer pottery classes, a painting classes, and exhibit and sell pottery works. More details

Fumotoya Honten

You can enjoy the specialty dishes of Yamadera which made with local ingredients. The rocommendation is Yamagata soba with crispy "Gesotem"(squid tentacles tempura). Soba and Gesotem go well together. Another recommendation is the cherry soft serve ice cream made with a unique blend of Yamagata cherries and their juice. This is a must-try sweet when you come to Yamadera. More details


At Enzo, which has been in business for over 500 years, you can enjoy a variety of Yamagata's local cuisine using ingredients directly from the production area,
including the popular "Niku Soba" (buckwheat noodle with chicken and cold soup). More details

Fumotoya Tozanguchiten

This cafe is located at the entrance of Yamadera. We recommend Matcha parfait using Kyoto green tea and Zunda (mashed green soybeans)parfait. Let's take a break with freshly ground coffee and Japanese sweets. More details

Terakoya Honpo Yamadera Store

Delicious okaki(rice crackers) are demonstrated and sold every day here.They also have a variety of other sweets such as dango(rice flour dumpling), dorayaki(Japanese Red Bean Pancake), and ice cream, as well as Japanese pattern sundries and local limited edition products.You can browse through the cute sundries while enjoying warm okaki or sweets! More details