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Yamako Bus puts safety and security first, and we support comfortable and enjoyable trips.


We provide safe, secure, and comfortable bus travel.

Under the "Yamako brand of safety and security," we prioritize safety management in our operations and provide high-quality services, aiming to achieve customer satisfaction, peace of mind, and hospitality.

Customer satisfaction.

Our driver and guide will greet you with a smile. With a desire to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trip, we will always do our best to serve you wholeheartedly.


The safety evaluation certification system with a three-star rating.

This system is designed to evaluate and certify the efforts made to ensure safety and security, as well as the status of accidents and administrative penalties, in order to evaluate and disclose them, allowing customers to choose safer operators. Our company's efforts towards safety and security have been evaluated, and we have been awarded the highest rating of three stars.


Driver training

We certify and appoint drivers who excel in driving skills, customer service, and manners as our chartered bus drivers. We conduct regular training and seminars, as well as hold in-house driver skills competitions, to aim for daily improvement of our services.


Training of guides

We employ in-house guides and provide them with training and education.

Vehicle guide

Large bus with a capacity of 53 people

Super high-decker or high-decker.
45 regular seats + 8 jump seats
On-board facilities
TV/Karaoke/DVD/Refrigerator/Water heater/3-row trunk/Auto air conditioning


Large bus with a capacity of 60 people

High-decker bus.
Seating capacity: 49 regular seats + 11 jump seats.
On-board facilities
TV/Karaoke/DVD player/refrigerator/hot water dispenser/3 rows of luggage space/Air conditioning with ion generating device for disinfection


Large bus with a capacity of 55 people

45 regular seats + 10 jump seats
On-board facilities
TV/Karaoke/DVD/Refrigerator/Water heater/2-row trunk/Automatic air conditioning


Medium-sized bus with a capacity of 27 people

Seating capacity: 27 seats
On-board facilities
TV/Karaoke/DVD/Refrigerator/Water heater/2 rows of luggage compartment/air conditioning with ion generator for disinfection

About Bus Fare

The fare is a combination of "time-based fare" and "distance-based fare". Please contact us for detailed fares.



Q How many people can charter a bus? Please tell me the type of bus and its seating capacity.

You can charter a bus for any number of passengers as long as it is within the capacity limit. We have buses ranging from 27 to 60 passengers to meet various needs of our customers. Please refer to our vehicle introduction page for more details.


When is the deadline for booking a bus?

If you make a reservation too close to the date you plan to use the bus, we may not be able to accommodate you due to the bus being fully booked or other reasons. Therefore, please make your reservation as early as possible.


Is it possible to rent only the bus without a driver?

We do not accept reservations for bus rental without a driver.


Can we request a bus guide when we hire a bus?

Yes, we can arrange a bus guide for you. Please contact our sales representative for further details.


What kind of specifications and facilities does the bus have?

Our buses are equipped with facilities such as TV, bottle cooler, carport, karaoke, and plasmacluster ion generator. However, the onboard equipment may vary depending on the bus type, so please check the vehicle introduction page for details.


Do all buses have luggage compartments?

Yes, all of our buses are equipped with a trunk room. However, please note that the trunk room of medium-sized buses and salon buses may not be very large, so if you need to transport large items such as golf sets, skis, or snowboards, you may need to use a large-sized bus even if the number of passengers is within the capacity of a medium-sized bus.


We will be splitting up and boarding multiple buses, but each bus will have a different itinerary. Can you accommodate this request?

We can accommodate different itineraries for each vehicle. However, please note that the bus fare may vary depending on the type of bus and itinerary, so please be aware in advance.


Can I change the itinerary on the day of the event?

Basically, we cannot accept additional or changed itineraries on the day of the event, such as suddenly wanting to visit another location, or wanting to cancel a scheduled location and visit another. However, if you consult with us in advance about the possibility of changing the itinerary on the day of use, we will respond to whether it is possible or not depending on the content of the itinerary change.


Can the event be cancelled in case of rain?

Cancellation due to rain is also subject to the cancellation fee, so please be sure to consult with us when making a reservation. If you cancel without prior consultation, the following cancellation fees will apply according to our policy.

  • From 14 days to 8 days prior to the scheduled date of the ride... 20% of the designated fare and fee.
  • From 7 days to 24 hours prior to the scheduled date of the ride... 30% of the designated fare and fee.
  • From 24 hours or less prior to the scheduled date of the ride... 50% of the designated fare and fee.

Is there a limit to the distance or time that can be traveled in a day?

To prevent overwork driving, the "Standards for Improving Working Hours for Drivers" (Improvement Standards Notification) specifies the driving time, restraint time, rest period, etc. for drivers as follows.

<In the case of operating with one driver>

  • 【Driving Time】
    ・The maximum continuous driving time per single operation is 4 hours. After 4 hours of driving, a break of at least 30 minutes is required, which can be taken either in one stretch or divided into 10-minute breaks taken within 4 hours and 30 minutes, adding up to a total of 30 minutes or more of rest.
    ・The average working time per day should not exceed 9 hours over a 2-day period.
  • 【total working time】
    ・The total working time should not exceed 13 hours in principle, from the start of work (commencement of duty) to the end of work (termination of duty).
  • 【break time】
    ・There should be a rest period of at least 8 consecutive hours between two periods of work (or driving). For tours that involve overnight stays, the rest period should be from the end of work at the accommodation until the start of work the next day at the accommodation, with at least 8 hours of rest.
  • 【driving distance】
    ・Up to 500 km per trip, as a general rule.

What is the cancellation fee start time?

The cancellation fee for cancelling your reservation is as follows.

  • From 14 days to 8 days prior to the reserved date... a cancellation fee equivalent to 20% of the designated fare and fees will be charged.
  • From 7 days to 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time, a cancellation fee equivalent to 30% of the designated fare and charges will be charged.
  • From 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time and onwards, a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the specified fare and fees will be charged.

Additionally, for a reduction or cancellation of vehicles that accounts for more than 20% of the total reserved vehicles, the cancellation fee calculated based on the above criteria will also apply to the number of canceled vehicles.


Can I bring my own DVDs or CDs?

Customers may show videos that were personally filmed or deemed for internal employee training and educational purposes. However, videos rented from a rental store or commercial DVDs such as movies or dramas cannot be screened as it would constitute a copyright infringement.
We have several business-use DVDs that we have obtained permission for from the copyright association and are available for rent for a fee. Please contact us in advance if you are interested.


Can I make an annual contract for the bus?

If the operating days and itinerary have been confirmed, it is possible to make an annual contract. Please contact us for more information.


Do all buses prohibit smoking?

Due to the enforcement of the revised Health Promotion Law, from April 1st, 2020, all buses operated by our company will be non-smoking (including electronic cigarettes). We apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who smoke, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Can you also arrange meals, sightseeing, and accommodations in addition to the bus transportation?

  • General customers
    Yes, we accept. Our sales representative will listen to your requests and propose the best plan for sightseeing, recommended accommodations, meals, and other arrangements at your travel destination. Please feel free to ask us.
  • Travel agency
    We ask travel agencies to handle arrangements for accommodation, parking, and other similar needs (except for cases where it is under our company's control). Please inquire with our sales representative about the need for accommodations.

What procedures are necessary after reserving a bus?

  • General customers
    To use our bus service, there are the following procedures.
    ・Confirmation and decision-making of your travel itinerary and schedule (we can either visit you in person or have a consultation over the phone, fax, email, etc.)
    ・Arrangements for necessary reservations (such as accommodation for drivers in trips that involve overnight stays, reservations for parking in restricted areas, permits for passing through restricted areas, etc.)
    ・Payment of bus fare and fees
    ・Final confirmation of itinerary and number of passengers a few days prior to the date of use.
    We will provide guidance and assistance for necessary procedures through our sales representatives, so please feel free to consult us about anything.
  • Travel agency
    We will contact you by phone or fax about two weeks prior to the date of use to request a dispatch details sheet, and send us the itinerary as soon as it's ready. If there is a significant increase in distance or time from the estimate, we may need to discuss the fare with you, so please understand. Please confirm the payment conditions by the time of reservation. Our sales representative will guide you through the necessary procedures, so please feel free to consult us for any questions.


example:+81 3-5555-5555
Input example: Departure from Yamagata Station at 9:00 ~ Sightseeing such as Zao Okama and Yamadera ~ Yamagata Station around 15:30
Input example: Sunday, May 22nd
Presence of absence of bus guiderequired
the bus of your choice


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