Privacy policy

Philosophy on the protection of personal information

At our company, we always prioritize our customers and consider providing peace of mind and satisfaction as our top management policy. Handling our customers' personal information correctly is an important responsibility of our company in ensuring the operation of services that bring peace of mind and satisfaction. We have established a privacy policy and handle our customers' personal information according to it, as well as thoroughly enforcing it within our company. The details of this policy are as follows.

Privacy policy

  1. The personal information that we handle at our company refers to all information that can identify our customers as individuals, such as their name, address, phone number, email address, etc., which we obtain when they enter into a service contract or purchase a product.
  2. We use our customers' personal information for the following purposes. If we use their personal information for any other purpose than those listed below, we will inform them of the purpose and obtain their consent before using their information.
    accurate provision of services
    accurate shipment of products
    issuance of service news by mail or email
  3. The personal information provided by customers will not be disclosed to any other third party except for legitimate reasons. "Legitimate reasons" refer to cases where the customer has given consent or where there is a request for information disclosure related to investigations such as by the police.
  4. We will manage the personal information provided by customers in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and establish appropriate management systems to prevent third parties from accessing it. If a customer requests disclosure, correction, or deletion of their personal information, we will promptly respond within a reasonable scope. In some cases, we may need to confirm that the request is from the customer to prevent unauthorized acquisition or tampering of personal information by a third party. We appreciate your cooperation in such cases.
  5. We strive to continuously improve our handling of personal information, but if you have any questions or opinions regarding the handling of personal information, we have set up a contact point for customers and will make efforts to improve our quality.
  6. Regarding the joint use of personal data related to the Regional Cooperation IC card
    (1)Items of personal data to be jointly used
    Name, date of birth, gender, phone number, commuter pass information, boarding and disembarking history, and SF usage history.
    (2)Scope of Co-Users
    Scope of joint users: YAMAKO BUS Co., Ltd., YAMAKO HIRE Co., Ltd., Yonezawa City, East Japan Railway
    (3)Purpose of Use
    Service Provision for Regional Cooperation IC Card.
    Service improvement and marketing through analysis of usage details of regional IC cards.
    (4)"Data Protection Officer" or "Privacy Officer" (The person who is responsible for the management of personal data)
    The person responsible for managing personal data is East Japan Railway Company.


Contact point

General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, Yamako Bus Co., Ltd.
1-1-20 Kiyozumicho, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata-ken
Phone number:023-647-5171(Direct line to the General Affairs Division.)