Attention cautions

Request for when you ride the Bus

  • Please prepare small change in advance. You cannot break 2,000yen, 5,000yen, or 10,000yen bills on the bus.
  • The bus operates with a single crew member (one-man operation).
  • Please be sure to take a numbered ticket when boarding.
  • Once you board, please proceed towards the interior of the bus, being careful not to block the entrance area.
  • To prevent accidents while on board, please hold onto the straps or handrails if you are standing. When getting off the bus, please wait until the bus has come to a complete stop.
  • When you wish to get off, please press the nearest stop button to notify the driver.
  • Please refer to the digital LCD fare display at the front of the bus, or confirm with the crew member, then put the fare along with your numbered ticket in the fare box. For changing coins and 1,000yen bills, please use the automatic changer located beside the driver's seat.
  • Caregivers who qualify for the disabled discount are limited to adults.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on all routes. Please refrain from smoking. Also, please refrain from drinking alcohol.
  • Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from making phone calls on board.

Child Fare

  • Child fare is half the adult fare (rounded up to the nearest 10 yen). Child fare applies to elemntary school children (6 years old to 12 years old).
  • Basically, *"Infant" and *"Baby" are free of charge. But, in some cases, infants and babies will be charged child fare.
    *Infant: 1 year old to 6 years old except for elementary school students
    *Baby: younger than 1 year old
  • If an infant rides alone, they will be charged the child fare.


About Refund

  • Unused tickets can be refunded at the ticket office during the valid period, except for those with a specified use date. The handing fee is 100 yen per 1 ticket.
  • A coupon ticket with all unused coupons can be refunded. The handing fee is 200 yen per 1 sheet.
  • Partially used coupon tickets can only be refunded if they have the cover attached (except for 2-ride tickets). The handing fee is 200 yen per 1 sheet.


About personal belongings

  • To ensure that as many customers as possible can have a seat, please refrain from occupying seats with your belongings.
  • Please refrain from bringing items into the bus that may contain dangerous goods, block aisles, entrances, or emergency exits, cause inconvenience to other customers, or significantly dirty the interior of the bus.
  • We cannot take responsibility for any damage, loss, or theft of personal belongings.
  • If you are using a wheelchair or stroller, please use a foldable one if possible.
  • Depending on the size of your personal belongings, an additional fee may be charged. The fee for personal belongings is half the adult fare (up to a maximum of 200 yen).
  • Coin lockers are installed at Yamagata Station, Yamako Building Bus Terminal, and Zao Onsen Bus Terminal.

About Pets

  • As for pet animals, they are allowed on board general buses only if they are in a case. However, please note that if the pet causes any inconvenience to other passengers such as unpleasant odor or noise, you may be asked to get off the bus at a certain point.
  • Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogsare allowed to board general and express buses if they wear a harness and their certification is presented.

Regarding Delays

  • There may be cases where we arrive later than the scheduled time due to weather conditions, road conditions, vehicle breakdowns, traffic accidents, or other reasons. We cannot be responsible for any damages or losses that may occur due to delays. Please be aware of this.

Fare Evasion

  • If unauthorized use of a commuter pass or forgery of a boarding ticket is confirmed, we will request a surcharge.