How to Ride a Bus

1. Before boarding the bus

Please prepare small change, 1,000 yen bills, transportation IC cards, or bus tickets.
※In the bus, we do not accept or exchange 2,000 yen bills, 5,000 yen bills, or 10,000 yen bills.

2. Wait at the bus stop

Please check the destination (route number) and time at the bus stop.
※If you do not know the location of the bus stop, please check it on Google Maps or other mapping services.

3. When the bus arrives

When the bus arrives, please check the destination and route number on the display at the front and side of the bus.
※If you do not know the bus destination, please ask the bus driver.

4. Boarding the bus

Please board the bus from the rear door.


For those using cash, bus tickets

When boarding, please take one "numbered ticket" per person from the ticket dispenser located next to the door.
※The numbered ticket is used to confirm the fare, so please be careful not to lose it. Also, please do not fold or crumple it.


For those using transportation IC cards

When boarding, please touch your IC card firmly to the card reader located next to the door for "at least 1 second" until a "beep" sound is heard.
※If you touch multiple cards stacked together, it may not be read correctly, so please use only one card at a time.

5. While on the bus

Please sit in an available seat. If you are standing, please move towards the inside of the bus to avoid blocking the entrance area, and hold onto the handrails or straps firmly.


※ Requests to customers
  1. It is very dangerous to stand up or move around while the bus is in motion, so please refrain from doing so. Please exchange money when you get off the bus.
  2. Please give up your seat to elderly, disabled, pregnant, or customers with babies.
  3. Please refrain from making phone calls on your mobile phone while on board.
  4. Smoking is prohibited inside the bus. Also, please refrain from eating and drinking alcohol.
  5. Please dispose of your trash and help keep the bus clean for other passengers who board later.

6. Before getting off the bus

Please check the name of the bus stop on the screen at the front of the bus and press the nearest button to signal your stop when it is announced.

7. Paying the Fare

For those using cash, bus tickets
  1. Please check the fare by comparing the fare display in front of the bus with the number on your numbered ticket if you are using cash, coupon, or other types of bus ticket.
    The child fare is half the adult fare (fractions less than 10 yen are rounded up to the nearest 10 yen).
    Example)If the adult fare is 190 yen, the child fare would be 100 yen (rounding up any fractional amount less than 10 yen to the nearest 10 yen)
  2. There is a fare box located at the front of the bus. Please put your fare after inserting your ticket. The fare amount will be displayed on the fare box, so please make sure to have exact change.
    ※We do not provide change automatically, so please exchange your money at the fare box. (Note that we cannot accept or exchange 2,000 yen, 5,000 yen, or 10,000 yen bills.)


For those using transportation IC cards

There is a fare box located at the front of the bus for those using IC cards. Please touch your IC card firmly to the card reader located at the top of the fare box for at least 1 second until you hear a "beep" sound.
※If your balance is insufficient, please request a recharge or pay the remaining amount in cash.

8. Getting off the bus

After paying the fare, please exit through the front door.
※When you get off the bus, please make sure you have all your belongings with you to avoid leaving anything behind.

For customers using strollers or wheelchairs

Riding with a stroller

During the ride, we ask that you firmly support the stroller yourself.

*Please use a foldable stroller.
*If you need assistance getting on or off the bus, please let the driver know.
*We may ask you to fold your stroller when boarding (e.g. during crowded times). We appreciate your understanding.
*On express bus types, please fold your stroller before boarding. The stroller will be stored in the trunk.


Riding with a wheelchair
  1. When getting on and off the bus, the bus driver will prepare the boarding ramp for passengers in wheelchairs.
  2. To ensure safety, we will secure the wheelchair with dedicated equipment in a designated location inside the bus.

*Please use a folding wheelchair if possible.
*For safety reasons, please note that you may not be able to board the bus with a wheelchair if it cannot be properly secured inside the bus. Thank you for your understanding.
*There may be cases where we operate vehicles that are not compatible with wheelchairs, so please contact the operating office in advance when using the service.
*For express bus type vehicles, wheelchairs cannot be used to board. However, if the wheelchair can be stored in the trunk and there is a caregiver present, you may board the bus.

Regarding pets (companion animals)
  1. On regular route buses, pets are allowed onboard only if they are in a carrier. However, if they cause any inconvenience to other passengers such as unpleasant odor or excessive noise, we may ask you to disembark mid-route. Please be aware that pets are strictly prohibited on express buses regardless of whether they are in a carrier or not.
  2. Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs are allowed to board general and express buses if they wear a harness and their certification is presented.