Bus fare payment method

Yamagata - Zao Line

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No Reservation required Bus

  1. Please take a numbered ticket when boarding the bus. If you are using a transportation IC card like Suica, please touch it on the card reader.
  2. When getting off, please put the numbered ticket and the bus fare in the fare box. If you are using a transportation IC card, please touch it on the card reader when getting off the bus.
    Here is the payment method for bus fares on board.
    ※On some routes, you can purchase tickets before boarding the bus. Please check the bus timetable for more details.

Reservation required Bus

  1. Please make a reservation on websites.
    The reservation website is here.
  2. Please pay for your bus ticket either through online payment or at the sales counter.
    (Payment can be made online or at the ticket office using credit card, transportation IC card, or cash at the Yamakobus Yamagata Station Information Center and the Yamako Building Information Center. Other ticket offices only accept cash.)
  3. Please receive your ticket at the ticket counter. You will need to present the completion email of your reservation at that time.
  4. Please hand your ticket to the bus driver when boarding the bus.

*Refunds for bus tickets are accepted until before the bus departs. If you paid at a ticket counter, the refund will be processed at the same counter. For customers who made online payments, please refer to the refund method described in the reservation completion email. Please note that refunds cannot be issued after the bus has departed.
*If you lose your ticket, please purchase another one. We do not reissue tickets.
*Changes to reservation details are accepted until the bus departure time. Please note that changing the reservation details of a paid ticket incurs a change fee of 100 yen per ticket.